Mesa residents prep for heavy rain

Posted at 7:57 PM, Sep 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-21 22:57:59-04

Some Mesa residents spent Monday preparing for heavy rains, and sandbagging stations were set up across the city.

At a fire station off Stapley Drive, residents were busy filling bags then hauling them into their vehicles.

Some residents just moved into the area that was hit by historic flooding in September 2014.

They've heard the stories and seen the pictures but aren't sure how to prepare for something that could be as bad.

"We're a little worried," said David Fultz. "Because catty-corner from my house, their whole house flooded. They had to move out and throw all their stuff away."

Joni Leckey recently moved into the neighborhood near Interstate 60 and Stapley Drive.

It's the same neighborhood slammed by storms last year. She has also heard the stories, so she has sandbags on standby.

"Responsibility says I'm not going to let it get damaged," said Leckey. "I don't want to call the insurance company. I don't want them to have to replace it. I have the ability to be proactive."

Other cities across the Valley also offered free sandbags for residential use. Scottsdale has set a limited supply of bags and is urging residents to bring their own.