Mesa man blaming apartment complex for lost dog

Posted at 5:00 PM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-09 19:34:30-05

"I'm the only one who gets him and he's the only one that really gets me," Jay Brem said. "I want him back."

Brem is the proud owner of his miniature pincer named "Solo." He adopted the dog in July and since they've been inseparable ever since.

"He's a rescue," Brem said. "He was abused and abandoned."

Both of them recently moved into the Miles Motel & Apartments near Main Street and Recker Road. 

Brem told ABC15, the co-owner, Mary Djordjevich, asked him if he needed his carpets cleaned.

"I told her, 'No, I'll vacuum them, they'll be fine,'" Brem said. "I really don't want anybody in the apartment. She said, 'OK.'"

But, Brem said, he got a call on Tuesday while he was at work. The apartment was calling to tell him his dog was gone; that Solo had slipped out while the carpet cleaner had come by. 

"If a stranger walks in that place it's going to scare him [Solo]," Brem said. 

We took Brem's incident to Arizona Tenants Advocates. They told us that it is a violation of state law. Landlords legally must give two days advance notice before entering a renter's unit.

But, when ABC15 went to talk to the owners, the office door was locked. Even though we could see people inside they refused to answer the door.

We then called the office.They hung up multiple times before we finally were able to ask for the owner's number. We got a number that we tried, but it was disconnected.

Mike and Mary Djordjevich family owns the complex, along with many others in the Valley — including Bell Ridge and Arbor Creek Apartments in Phoenix and Scottsdale Suites, just to name a few.

ABC15 last did a story at the Santa Fe Court Apartments (also owned by the Djordjevich family) where a woman was found dead in a hot apartment. Tenants said their A/C had been off nearly a week during the intense Arizona summer. 

UPDATE: The day after Brem's story first aired on ABC15 his dog was found at Maricopa County Animal Care and control.