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Mesa family continues healing process after deadly crash in Texas

Mesa family recovering after deadly Texas crash
Mesa family recovering after deadly Texas crash
Posted at 5:01 PM, Feb 26, 2018

An Arizona family of 12,involved in a deadly crash in Texas earlier this month, is counting their blessings as they grieve and try to move forward following the crash that would change their lives.

Greg knows a thing or two about fixing stuff because it's what he does for a living. Lately, his job has been his escape.

"I've just been staying busy," says Greg. He's trying not think about his family's incredible loss. "We could go negative, and that does our family no good at all."

It was just three weeks ago his daughter, her husband, and ten adopted children left Mesa for a new life in Arkansas. But their life would change on Interstate 40, just outside Amarillo, Texas.

That's where police say 19-year-old Adam Banbury was driving drunk. The teenager slammed into the back of the family's van so hard; it flipped off the highway.

Greg's son-in-law and 11-year-old granddaughter did not survive. Even with a shattered heart, his grandfather is counting his miracles.

"One of my grandkids, I thought was going to lose two fingers," said Greg. "He kept his hand, kept his fingers."

The crash was so violent, it ejected two of the children.

"Her intestines were laying on the ground," said Greg, referring to a granddaughter's injury. "They turned around and put them back in and lifted her up. She's doing good."

But there's still a long road ahead. One child was airlifted to Phoenix and is now being treated there. He's still in a medically induced coma. Another child has multiple surgeries ahead of her.

The family has also changed their plans from moving to Arkansas. Instead, they'll stay in the Valley with family.

 "I'll tell you what, send all those thoughts and prayers to us," said Greg. "We'll take them. We'll take everyone one them. No problem."