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Mesa couple celebrates 80 years of marriage

Posted at 6:47 PM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 22:56:16-04

MESA, AZ — It's the love story for the ages as a Valley couple celebrates 80 years of marriage.

At 101 and 99 years young, Joseph and Lillian Abelman can tell you a thing or two about life and love--just ask their daughter Karen Huff.

“They were the best parents,” said Huff. “My dad is my hero and my mom was the boss of the family.”

The two met at a California dance studio in 1937 and seemed destined to be together from the moment Joseph asked to cut-in.

“He asked her to dance, she actually went with another date but he ended up with her,” said Huff. “80 years later this is it.”

So what's the secret? They say to remember the good times more than anything else and end the day with a kiss.

“They always kissed each other goodnight every night. That was the thing they always did and still do to this day,” said Huff.

If you ask Joseph, good cooking may be part of the secret as well.

“Good cooking and a wonderful wife,” said Abelman.

With four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, the two are now considered the longest married couple currently living in Arizona.