Mesa boy with mystery illness out of hospital

Posted at 6:21 AM, Mar 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-27 09:35:44-04

A Mesa boy with a mystery illness was released from the hospital on Friday and the community was up and ready to help get his family back on their feet. 

Luke Fanning's illness started with headaches about seven months ago and then one day he was hit with seizures and an aneurysm.

"Things weren't looking good for Luke when we brought him to the hospital." said Captain Joe Huguez with Mesa Fire & Medical Department.

Cpt. Huguez and his crew were the first responders at Luke's house when his family called 911. 

Firefighters told ABC15 they kept in touch with the family and checked on Luke's condition several times.  

So when Crismon Elementary School's students and teachers threw a fundraiser in Luke's honor on Saturday, the fire crews offered to give Luke a firefighter grand entrance and picked him up in the very same fire truck that responded to save him two months earlier. 

"For us, it's kind of a miracle what we've seen here happen and a miracle within the community to see all these people come out and support him." said Cpt. Huguez.

That gave Luke a chance to tell the fire crew how he felt. 

"Thank you for saving my life," said Luke.

Luke spent more than 65 days in the hospital -- some of it in a coma. 

 "Words can't even put into perspective how shocked we were first of all that he came out of coma on his birthday. His first words were 'I love you' and it was just very magical," said Misty Loomis, Luke's sister.

Luke even had to re-learn how to walk.

"I just looked on the bright side mostly. I can do this, I'm going to get out really soon and stuff like that, just to be confident, " smiled Luke. 

He's come a long way since his hospital stay, but doctors still don't have a diagnosis. 

Crismon Elementary teachers and students held the fundraising event which included a rummage sale and carnival to help Luke's family with their surmounting hospital bills.  

"It's just so amazing that there's so much love for my brother.  I can't even comprehend it still, when I pulled up I thought there might be five people to maybe be here to help with this whole thing and this community is amazing," said Loomis.