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How to live and eat healthier after a huge Thanksgiving meal

Posted at 7:08 AM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 16:27:37-05

After stuffing the turkey and ourselves, that massive meal could be a good reminder of your desire to live healthier.

Did you know that the average American will consume 4,500 calories today? 

A new survey from the Cleveland Clinic found that most of us have the best intentions and what to eat better and exercise. 

But, confusion is leading those extra calories and extra pounds. 

"One of the myths out there is that if you exercise, you can lose weight. That the best way to lose weight  is to exercise a lot, and then you can eat whatever you want," said Dr. Mark Hyman with the Cleveland Clinic. "There's actually great evidence that you can't exercise your way out of a  bad diet."

Three-quarters of the people in this study said they would rather be considered strong rather than thin and nearly 90 percent of participants said body image expectations are unrealistic. 

The Arizona Department of Agriculture knew about this desire in the valley to eat healthy, so they contracted Randy Murrary Productions to create The Dish AZ online.

It walks users through how to find local produce grown right here in Arizona, plus it provides videos and recipes from valley chefs of how you can prepare them in a unique, healthy way. 

Randy Murray said the website is designed to clear up that confusion and to make eating healthy easy.

"We approach our tasks of telling a story always from the viewers' perspective," Murray described. "So, when we start, we know exactly where we're going and exactly how people are going to use it. We just designed it to be fun and easy... and sit down at the table and start eating." 

If you would rather watch the professionals cook it up for you, the website also gives you a list of spots that use local products. 

The biggest push to use this tool, Murray said, it just tastes better and helps our Arizona economy. 

Check it out at