Wife questions husband's shooting by Mesa police

Posted at 8:13 PM, Jan 25, 2016

A Texas woman is demanding answers after her husband was shot and killed by Mesa police last week.

"He's really funny, he's really laid back," said Laney Sweet. 

Sweet talks about her husband as if he is still alive. "He’s always the person to try and diffuse a situation, keep the peace," she said. 

She says her husband, Daniel Shaver, was staying at the La Quinta Inn in Mesa for work when police came knocking on his door, changing her life forever.

"That’s what I keep saying, 'this is not my life, and this is not my life.' I'm 24, my husband’s gone, I’ve got two kids," Sweet said.

Mesa police say they were called to the hotel after people in the pool reported seeing a man on the fifth floor, pointing a rifle out of the window.

"They're just really long guns," Sweet said.

Sweet says Shaver had pellet rifles with him for his pest control job. 

But police say when they went to Shaver's hotel room to investigate, he came out, refusing to show his hands. Police say one of the officers felt threatened and shot Shaver.

Shaver turned out to be unarmed. The pellet rifles were found in the room.

"I just feel like there's no reason that could be justified for shooting him multiple times, and him dying in a hallway unarmed. I want answers to all of that," Sweet said.

Mesa police are investigating the incident. There is body camera video of the incident. The entire investigation will be handed over to the County Attorney's office for review.

Meanwhile, the officer involved has been administratively reassigned, which is department protocol.

Mesa police say the body camera video will be released once the investigation is complete.