Valley company MomDocs going technology free at least once a week

Posted at 5:01 AM, Jul 10, 2017
For a lot of us our cell phones and tablets are like an extra appendage but a Valley company is asking its employees to cut the cord.
MomDocs is trying to get everyone to look up and have a real conversation at least once a week. Every Friday, all month long, they call it 'Conversation Friday.' 
The rules are simple: no social media, no texting, no emailing. Instead, they need to talk to one another, pick up the phone when they have a question for someone in another office.
Even administrators are taking it to heart, often showing up in person at the midwife clinics most Fridays which the staff says is improving employee interaction.
The staff even had shirts made which has started a conversation with their patients. Many in the offices are carrying the tech break idea back into their own homes.
“It's really fun, we hardly have the excuse to pick up the phone so conversation Fridays give you the excuse to call our coworkers, say hello, ask how their day is going when normally it would've been the simple task questions,” said Melissa Troncale, Certified Nurse Midwife with MomDocs.
Everything operates on the honor code so no one has to turn their personal phones over and of course can still use them in an emergency.