Goat yoga in Gilbert brings Valley together for unique experience

Posted at 6:28 AM, Jan 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-16 14:51:40-05
Forget aerial yoga. Forget paddleboard yoga. Even forget Bikram yoga! Goat yoga is the hottest trend sweeping the Valley. 
"We're bringing the community together, one goat at a time," explains April Gould, who owns the goats and the Gilbert farm where classes take place. 
And she really means "together." These goats are never shy! 
"At the beginning, people were like, 'really you guys?! Goat yoga?!'" explains Sarah Williams, a friend of Gould's and also a yoga instructor. 
Classes started in mid-October. At first, Williams admits some people (like their own family members) were pretty skeptical about the whole thing. 
"I think in the beginning, they think there's goat poop everywhere, there are hippies out in the forest, etc., but we're a totally legit goat experience!" 
Classes last roughly an hour with plenty of breaks to make sure everyone has a one-on-one experience with a goat. 
The thrill of the chase was enough to attract Jackson Minor and his classmates. 
"It was unusual at first," he explains. "But after they kept jumping on us and getting close, it was a bonding experience between us and the goats!" 
"The goats get to be with people, they get to climb, and they get treats, so I think they're happy!" explains Gould. 
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