Woman praises Chandler police officers for closing garage door overnight

Posted at 3:50 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 06:21:20-05

The Chandler Police Department is being praised for helping stop burglaries before they happen.

Jill Connor recently took to a neighborhood watch group on Facebook to write, "THANK YOU to Chandler Police Officers badge #713 and #735 (they didn't leave their names) for closing our garage door at 2:21 am! We were fast asleep upstairs and didn't even hear it close. I JUST found the note on the interior door to the house. GREAT JOB Officers! We really appreciate you looking out for our family." 

According to a Chandler police spokesperson, patrolling neighborhoods and securing garage doors is just one of the many functions of their jobs. 

Officer Robin Atwood with the Chandler Police Department said burglars are looking for homes that are easy targets. 

"It just takes seconds. someone driving or walking down the street and they observe a garage door takes seconds for them to take something of value to you," Atwood said. 

Chandler resident Peter Beskid is thankful that officers are out patrolling the neighborhoods.

"In the middle of the night they tried knocking on the front door. We were sleeping and didn't respond. So the officer came in and actually closed the door and left us a note on the front door," Beskid said.

Beskid was so happy about how officers handled the situation, he called them immediately.

"I said, 'Please let this officer know we really appreciate him looking out for our property,'" Beskid said. "It's nice to know your neighborhood is protected."

Anyone with questions, comments or concerns is urged to call the Chandler Police department or reach out on their page