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Suspect in Hamilton High hazing case recorded joking about locker room sex abuse

Posted at 9:58 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 22:35:20-05

Damning video evidence has surfaced in the Hamilton football sex abuse case, showing one of the suspects joking and pantomiming about one of the locker room assaults. 

This comes as we're also learning the victims are being harassed and intimidated. 

ABC15 obtained a copy of the explosive video when the allegations broke in February and March. However, the video was a key piece of evidence at the time and Chandler police asked ABC15 not to air the video.  

Now, Chandler PD says it's OK to show. 

In the video, there are two boys in a bedroom discussing one of the sexual assaults at Hamilton. Nathaniel Thomas, the only named suspect in the case of six people accused, is filming the video. 

Thomas: Now finish the story. What did you do to (name redacted) in the locker room? What did you do to (name redacted) in the locker room? Trying to play me. Nah. You pulled his pants all the way down and you stuck your hand in his *******. 

Other person: "Mmmhmm...(inaudible)."

ABC15 was unable to reach Thomas or his mother for comment on the video Thursday night.

Wednesday night, however, his mother denied all of the other allegations.

"My son is innocent. My son did not do this," said Felicia Gillespie, mother of Nathaniel Thomas. 

Thomas was in court Thursday to switch lawyers. During the hearing, the judge issued a stern warning not to harass the alleged victims which is something that's apparently happening a lot. 

"Two different families who live in two different neighborhoods have had damage done to their vehicles. It's very suspicious because it happened on the same night," said Dan Raynak, attorney to five of the alleged assault victims.  

He said all five of his clients have faced some level of intimidation or harassment. 

Earlier this week a Twitter video emerged that showed one of the victims supposedly recanting his claims against Thomas. However, Raynak said that Twitter recantation was coerced and his client threatened into making the false confession. 

"I see it as a desperate move by desperate individuals who did despicable things. And it's going to catch up to all of them," said Raynak