Package slips popping up on Valley doors to get your personal information

Posted at 7:38 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 22:38:22-04

They seem innocent enough, flapping in the breeze on your door.

First, second, even third attempt checked: There's a package to be delivered, and you weren't home to get it.

"I have to give them more information so they can deliver something," said Jim Sarli, looking over one of the package slips.

Sarli has a brand new home in the Southeast Valley and that's where a lot of slips seem to be popping up.

They look similar to UPS or FedEx "sorry we missed you" notices, but these slips are designed to get your personal information.

"I would not do it, I would probably start interrogating them, asking them, 'Who are you,'" said Sarli.

ABC15 dug into the fine print to answer that question.

Our search brought us to a company called "Metro Delivery." According to the BBB's website, it's not an accredited business. The listed address brought us to a building in Chandler.

The office staff confirmed it was the Metro Delivery office, but couldn't speak to ABC15. They referred us to a public relations specialist and then threw us out of their office.

The search continued, uncovering Metro Delivery also does business as "nuHome," also located in Chandler. No one there could speak to ABC15 about the delivery slips, but off camera an employee said complaints have come in from people.

Complaints include terms like "misleading." The employee says high-level executives with nuHome have met with the Chandler Chamber of Commerce to "revamp" the marketing strategy.

Employees told ABC15 this delivery slip practice is legal. The company will send you a package for offers of goods and services, as long as you hand over your personal information. ABC15 uncovered that information is then sold to a third party for money.

Bottom line: Read the fine print.