Motorcyclist puts school bus of kids in danger

Posted at 5:28 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 10:38:31-05

A motorcyclist's bizarre behavior on a major Valley freeway, putting a school bus full of kids at risk, was caught on camera.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating after receiving multiple calls of a motorcyclist driving recklessly on the eastbound Interstate 10 starting in Phoenix into Chandler on Monday afternoon.

"He was acting like he was shooting the kids and then he or she would go back to dancing on his bike and not paying attention at all," said Amy Copeland, a parent who was riding with her child on her school bus, on the way back from a field trip.

Watch Copeland's full video in player above.

She says that motorcyclist was just inches away.

"His shoulder was touching the bus. Part of his bike was underneath or to the side, and that's when I started getting a little scared," Copeland said. 

She said at first, it appeared the motorcyclist was just showing off for the kids, but they were confused when his actions got dangerous.

"He rode right up in between us and the 18-wheeler," Copeland said. "I could hear them (kids) saying--oh no, no, no--basically, what's he doing?"

Were his actions just dumb, but harmless? Who knows.

"It's scary. Especially someone on a motorcycle like that that's not paying attention to the road," said Trooper Tim Case with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Either way, Case says the best thing to do is not engage those kinds of drivers -- you never know their intentions.

"If you can get away from it, back off, give yourself some space, but also in the process, if you can get a license plate number, that always helps," Case said. 

Copeland said the school bus driver did a good job of staying focused on the road, and keeping the kids’ focus inside the bus, while that motorcyclist was driving recklessly alongside them.