Just released emails detail conversations around Hamilton High School hazing scandal

Posted at 7:43 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 22:44:24-04

Two years of sexual abuse and hazing allegations are hanging over the Hamilton High School football program in Chandler.  Monday, Chandler Unified School District released dozens of emails that detailed who knew what and when.

Many of the names have been redacted, but one email appears to be from a victim's parent.  The parent is emailing one of their son's teachers after the allegations broke. 

The parent writes their son is a victim of "extreme hazing" and that someone saw a football player crying alone in the locker room, launching the investigation.  The parent claims the school's athletic director talked to their son about what happened but did not contact the parent.  The parent writes they are "furious."

Chandler school district administrators have said they started investigating after being made aware of allegations in February.  The emails support that claim.

On February 10th, a teacher emailed district bosses, claiming to have heard allegations of hazing and sexual abuse "over and over" from a "handful of players..."

The district assistant superintendent and Hamilton principal both responded that it was the first they had heard of the abuse.

After the scandal broke, one football parent emailed the Hamilton principal, saying bad behavior rumors were well known among parents for at least a year.  However, the parent doesn't claim to have know specifics about hazing or sexual abuse.

Hamilton head football coach Steve Belles only addresses the scandal once.  In a single email from March 30th he tells other coaches he would like to have a meeting that day about the hazing allegations.