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Chandler tattoo shop offering $80 tattoos...but there's a catch!

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 12:45:24-04

A good rule of thumb: don’t make a permanent decision in the heat of the moment. But for those who like to live life a little more spontaneously, a tattoo shop in Chandler may be exactly what you're looking for. 

InkBomb Tattoo is offering the "Get What You Get" tattoo gumball game.  

Owner Tabatha Hutchins explains how it works. 

“People take a gamble to see what kind of tattoo that they want to get,” she said. “I’ve been really surprised at the people that actually play this.” 

From the first timer to the tattoo enthusiast, Hutchins says the game has been a hit among everyone since they first launched it in May.

“A lot of people have taken tattoos way too seriously," Hutchins said. "They have to have a really deep meaning and this is just fun. It’s fun for us; it’s fun for them."

For $80, interested customers can take a gamble at the gumball machine. Whatever comes out, is what the customer gets.

“These are great tattoos, there’s definitely nothing controversial. These aren’t tattoos that we wouldn’t want to get ourselves,” she said.

They're not unfair though. For just $20 more, customers can go for another spin if they don't want the first design. After that though, you have to pick between the two. 

Hutchins says most people are adventurous enough to go with the first pick.

“The fun is what I think appeals to people,” she said.

And for $80, these are a steal considering these are all original one-of-a-kind designs by each of the five artists at the shop and most valued at about $200.   

“It definitely gives our artists a chance to get to do fun stuff that’s been up their alley — stuff that they’ve been wanting to do,” Hutchins said. 

Once a design is picked out of the machine it’s not re-used. 

The artist draws up something new to put back into for people to choose. 

Hutchins says the game has kept them pretty busy. Since May they’ve tattooed over 100 people and find themselves adding 25-30 new designs into the machine each week.

She says it’s a fun way for people to get to know their shop, who they are, and let new customers know getting your next tattoo should be nothing but a good time.

InkBomb Tattoo is located in Chandler near Alma School and Ray roads.