Chandler officer helps brighten day of boy whose inflatable Christmas decoration was stolen

Posted at 4:23 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 00:05:17-05

A real-life Grinch has struck a Chandler neighborhood, making off with a boy's prized Star Wars inflatable decorations. 

"I feel like sad and upset because someone stole the inflatables. They were Star Wars, and they had Christmas decoration in their hands" said 6-year-old Sohan Damania.

His mother was leaving to go to the store when she noticed Sohan's Stormtrooper Christmas inflatable missing from the front yard. 

"She asked me if I brought them in and I said, 'No, why would I do that?' and she said well they're gone," Amay Damania, Sohan's father, said. 

The Damania family knew they would never likely never be found, but decided to report the crime to Chandler police so officers would at least know about the crime. 

"It kinda defeats the purpose of the Christmas spirit," said Chandler Police Officer Scott Peterson, who took the report.

Once Peterson heard how heartbroken Sohan was, he decided to roll out with some stickers and a keychain in hand. 

"I love kids, and I got four boys of my own, for the time being anyway. I don't have control over a lot of things, but I wanted to do my part and see if I could make his day better," Officer Peterson explained.

When Sohan saw the police cruiser, it might as well had been Santa's sleigh. 

"He wanted to take a look at the car, so we goofed around a bit and turned on the lights," said Officer Peterson, who was happy to oblige. 

"He showed me the police car and gave me a sticker," touted Sohan. 

Peterson's visit and police cruiser tour made a little boy's day. 

"He did more than what was expected of him to do. The difference he made in a kids life is why we wanted to thank him specifically," Sohan's parents said.

The Damania family posted on Facebook about the experience to let people know just how much good officers are doing. 

"It was a life lesson, something he learned about. But he also learned something good could come from something bad," Amay Damania said.

Peterson told ABC15 as officers they deal with so many negative issues, getting to bring a smile back to a young boy's face is payday. 

"It made me feel good, and I really want the police to catch him," said Sohan. 

Just in case you didn't catch it: Peterson mentioned he has four boys of his own, "for the time being," that's because he and wife are expecting baby #5. 

Congratulations to them and to an officer who is making a difference in the community he serves.