Chandler man arrested for animal abuse speaks out from jail

Posted at 9:26 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 02:02:52-04

A Chandler man arrested after his dogdied in the heat Monday says it was an accident but adds that the dogs belong outside not inside his house.

Ismael Ochoa spoke out from the Durango jail where he’s awaiting his arraignment on animal abuse and neglect charges.

He says his American Bully dogs are actually award winning show dogs.

"They're healthy, strong, that's not animal cruelty, they're being fed and everything." said Ochoa.

He says he typically refills the water for his four dogs three times a day and says he had given them water before taking a nap.

Ochoa admits it was particularly hot, 117 according to deputies, but to him the mistake was a pipe he left exposed that one of the dog's leashes got tangled on and that's why it couldn't get to any water.

"I didn't do nothing wrong, I love my dogs it was an accident, you know. " said Ochoa.

As for running from deputies Ochoa says he didn't do that either, but they surprised him and he thought they over reacted before arresting him.

Ochoa is due back in court in July.

Three other dogs seized from his property are being cared for by the MCSO Mash unit and are expected to eventually be put up for adoption though Ochoa says he’ll fight to get his pets back.