Chalk-like markings raising concerns for Chandler residents

Posted at 7:16 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 21:16:38-05

If you're seeing suspicious chalk-like markings at your doorstep, you're not alone. After a Chandler homeowner discovered the strange markings outside their doorstep they decided to look into it.

The unidentified residents said they found out other neighbors from nearby neighborhoods were posting about the chalk marks on a neighborhood watch app. In one posting, a concerned resident said people's homes were getting burglarized and the chalk marks could be crooks casing the home.

Even more alarming, a quick search on Google came up with the same results.

The homeowner immediately called Chandler police and reached out to ABC15 News to investigate. 

The homeowner said the markings may also be the result of pest control companies. 

ABC15 News reached out to Green Mango Pest Control to see if this is a common practice of theirs.

"We try and inject dust into all crooks and crannies that we can to guard against scorpions and pests," Green Mango spokesman Dusty Williams said.

Several Valley pest control companies use a pesticide called Delta Dust near front doormats. 

"Insects live in tight, dark places and so that mat is obviously a place that's a tight crack and crevice," Williams said. "It's also very close to the front door. The last thing we want is a scorpion living under the mat and getting access to the front door."

Green Mango also used to leave "smiley" face designs, but homeowners weren't happy about it. Instead, they've stopped doing the practice entirely.

"We urge all our technicians to leave a nice clean puff because we don't want any markings," Williams said. "We don't want people associating that with gang signs or targeting homes or anything like that."

Chandler police are advising residents to check with their pesticide companies before giving them a call.