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Attorney: Hamilton High School sex assault victims experiencing harassment, coercion

Attorney: Hamilton High School sex assault victims experiencing harassment, coercion
Posted at 5:41 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 00:04:55-05

More claims of victim harassment have surfaced in the Hamilton High School sexual assault scandal. Four victims have now come forward through their attorneys claiming they're being harassed, intimidated, and coerced.

"This is tragic. Things that I never thought I would see, it's unprecedented in my practice. They're doing everything they can to try and intimidate these victims," said attorney John Torgenson.

Torgenson represents one of the six victims who have filed notices that they intend to sue Chandler Unified School District.  

The notices came after Chandler police recommended charges against at least three administrators at Hamilton High School for failing to report. 

"My client has been going through therapy, but it's been tough with all of the harassment and bullying they're experiencing," said Torgenson. 

Torgenson told ABC15 his client has been cyberbullied through social media from an anonymous sender. 

"Some horrible things were said in those Snapchats to him, things that intimidated him. It's disgusting what these kids are doing. Kids or adults I don't know who," said Torgenson. 

Attorney Dan Raynak also claims three of the sex assault victims he represents have been harassed. 

Two have reportedly had their cars vandalized in two different neighborhoods on the same night. 

Chandler police are also investigating claims that another victim was approached on Chandler High School's campus and coerced into recanting their claims. The video was then posted on Twitter.

The student had moved to Chandler High after they left Hamilton High School. 

"The allegation from what I heard was that the family had to move out of state due to all the bullying their child was experiencing," said Torgenson, who is familiar with the case. 

Torgenson is now challenging Chandler Unified to take action. 

"I would challenge Chandler Unified School District to make some statement to tell these kids to stop this. Enough is enough. This is ridiculous, it's intimidating, it's bullying, and it has to stop," said Torgenson.

ABC15 contacted Chandler Unified School District over the challenge, and District Spokeman Terry Locke responded in a statement, saying:

It is the policy of the District to strive for a learning environment for students that is free from harassment. The District will take appropriate and effective actions, within defined legal parameters, to achieve this goal.  If any student believes he or she has been subject to harassment under this policy, the District encourages the student to report the harassment to a teacher, counselor, or school administrator.  The District is aware of the video that was posted to social media just over a week ago, has cooperated with the Chandler Police Department in its investigation, and is carefully reviewing the matter itself.