Parents, guardians of Sierra Linda High School students want answers after series of threats

Posted at 5:05 PM, Aug 24, 2016

It all started last Thursday, and it's just snowballed from there.

Sierra Linda High School near 67th Avenue and Broadway Road has been the target of threat, including a bomb scare last Thursday and threats via 911 on Wednesday.

Some parents and grandparents of students are fed up with what they are calling a lack of communication.

"Don't give us a line, just to give us a line,” Ana Provensano, a grandmother of a student, said. “Tell us the truth as to what is going on.”

Provenzano said over the past week, the school gave vague lockdown messages resulting in multiple worried parents.

"They'll call back and say the lockdown has been lifted—that's it," Provenzano explained. "They don't say what happened, they don't follow with emails, and they don’t send any information as to what happened.”

Parents contacted by ABC15 said some messages from the school are more detailed than others.

ABC15 obtained calls from the most recent series of incidents:

Recorded message: Tim Madrid, Principal Sierra Linda High School, August 18, 2016—11:47 a.m.

"Right now we are in evacuation, because we received a bomb threat. We want to let you know your kids are safe, the students are safe, they are in an area that has been designated as an evacuation area."

Police say that bomb threat was unfounded.

Compare that to Monday's lockdown message:

Recorded message: 8-22-16 11:37 a.m.

"We are on lockdown at this time, we received information from the police department, they directed us to go on lockdown, we don't know all the details at this time.”

At 1:17 p.m., the all clear was given and parents received another recorded message which some described as vague.

With lockdowns happening more frequently, there has been an uptick in rumors ultimately resulting in more fear for parents and guardians.

A Tolleson High School District spokesperson told ABC15, a letter will likely be drafted Thursday to be sent home with students.

The recent threats are under investigation, a district spokesperson said. Students who are accused of disrupting classes with threats face expulsion.