Alex Buckner update: New video shows scene after man kills his family, sets home on fire

Posted at 6:00 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 20:00:15-05

It is a crime no one can comprehend. The moment, back in February, that a son and a brother took the lives of the people he called 'family.'

This all happened near 47th Avenue and Cactus Road - but, new audio and video have just been released by police - taking us inside for the first time to see how police and fire worked desperately to try and stop a tragedy. 

"The brother shot her - she doesn't know where her brother is at now," said a dispatcher. 

The first call into 911 came from 18-year-old Kaitlin Buckner. She spoke through heavy breaths - saying she kept hearing shots ringing out in her home. 

"Be advised, a husband and a wife are in the bathroom on the second floor and the daughters are still in their bedrooms," a dispatcher passed along to officials on scene. 

All four members of the family were shot, but help was halted when the suspect, 26-year-old Alex Buckner, took his rampage a step further. 

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"We've got major problems," said one officer. "There's a fire set to the house." 

And the newly released body camera footage shows us the aftermath inside. 

Crews were furiously trying to find a way to get those four injured people out. 

"We got a window open to the rear," one officer explained. "And it looks like some of the people in the bedroom are trying to come out." 

"Yeah, some little girl up there," said a second officer.

But, many of the families injuries were too serious to even get up, let alone escape with the suspect still lurking somewhere inside. 

"Do you have any contact whatsoever with the victims in there," asked one officer. Another responded,"Not anymore boss. No."

But, they did have contact with the suspect. 

After a nearly hour lull inside, Alex Buckner, approached officers.

"He's calling out to us - telling us that he's armed," one officer explained. "And he's telling us to stop."

Police said, that is when he pointed a gun at officers. So, they fired first - killing him. But, not before he took the lives of Vic and Kim, his parents, and Kaitilin and Emma, his sisters.