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Valley rising temperatures mean increase in scorpion sightings

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Posted at 5:23 AM, Apr 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-11 10:05:11-04

PHOENIX — Valley temperatures have climbed well above average for this time of year. There is often a correlation between rising temperatures and a rise in scorpion sightings.

"As the weather gets cooler, they want to be in a warmer place and that's why you're going to find them inside of your walls," said Scorpion Repel co-founder Tony Gonzales. "So, they're going to go in there over the winter. They're going to go into what's called like a hibernation... but, once it starts warming up - then, they're ready to start feeding and that's why now that the temperatures changing, there are actually coming outside."

If a resident does see a scorpion in their home, Gonzales said try to safely kill it or trap it as quickly as possible.

"Obviously, scorpions... it's really hard to tell if... they're about to give birth and if they do, there is a lot of scorpions that will come out of that one scorpion, so you want to be mindful. You get rid of that scorpion and then definitely take a black light and start looking. You want to pull things back away from the interior of your home, for instance - bookcases and so forth... take a look there and then start focusing on the outside so you can stop them before they get in your house."

Gonzales explained how his company uses AVERIZON as a tool to stop scorpions from being able to climb their way into homes.

"It's a clear application. It's a one-time application," Gonzales explained.

"We put it outside the base of your home at the very bottom of your home. It dries clear, hard, durable, and almost like glass and since scorpions can't climb glass, they cannot get into your house."

For more information on Scorpion Repel, click here or call 480-662-1171.