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South Phoenix light rail? Voter turnout higher than previous elections

Posted at 3:49 PM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 20:32:35-04

PHOENIX — With 11 days left before the August 27 election for Propositions 105 (Light Rail) and 106 (Pension Plan), city officials say they've received approximately 110,000 ballots.

The last proposition-only election held by the City of Phoenix was in March 2013. The election yielded 107, 277 votes, and the turnout percentage was 16.98 percent.

City spokesman Matt Hamada told ABC15 while 110,000 ballots have been received, there is still a process to be sure the signatures are valid on each ballot.

The city will have 28 polling places starting next Saturday, August 24, through Tuesday's election on August 27.

Here is how each district is showing as of August 14, 2019:

District 1: 14,000 approximate ballots received

District 2: 19,000 approximate ballots received

District 3: 18,500 approximate ballots received

District 4: 10,500 approximate ballots received

District 5: 8,500 approximate ballots received

District 6: 23,000 approximate ballots received

District 7: 6,000 approximate ballots received

District 8: 10,000 approximate ballots received

So, far voter turn-out is at 13.8 percent. That number is expected to grow as 50,000 approximate ballots are expected to be turned in before August 27.

The light rail extension in south Phoenix would impact districts 7 and 8, and as of today, district 7 has the lowest voter turnout out of the eight city districts.

ABC15 reached out to Councilman Michael Nowakowski to ask him if he's pushing voter turnout considering that this election impacts his district. ABC15 did not receive a comment from the Councilman by the time of this publication.

The City of Phoenix will also open 28 polling places on Saturday, August 24 leading up to the election Tuesday. For more information, you can check the city website here: