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Driver in custody, accused of hitting and killing motorcyclist in South Phoenix

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jan 16, 2022

PHOENIX — An alleged impaired driver is in custody, accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist in South Phoenix. Those who live in that community helped track down the driver.

Police say he had taken off with the motorcyclist still on the roof of his car.

"People were screaming at him and telling him, "He's on your car; he's on your car. Stop,"" says Adilene Alvarez, who called 911.

Alvarez called 911 after seeing the crash, which happened right outside her home off Southern Avenue, near 18th Street.

"The person that was injured, was on the hood of the car and I want to say a minute passed by, when the car started driving away. I was telling the cops on the phone, "Oh my God, he's like going. He's leaving,"" said Alvarez.

Alvarez said the airbags in the car had deployed so she couldn't actually see the driver. Others in the area were able to direct police to his location.

"He went that way," said witness Santos Castillo.

Phoenix police identified the driver as 29-year-old David Moreno. They say he was turning on 18th Street from Southern when he hit the motorcycle.

The sound of the crash prompted many to come outside and see what was happening.

"Boom," said Castillo.

Officials said Moreno hit two other vehicles before being caught and was also showing signs of impairment. The motorcyclist, 48-year-old Robert Moore, eventually fell from the roof of the car and died from his injuries.

"The roads were blocked off. You know, I just feel bad because I live in this neighborhood," said Marcos Fabela.

Friends of Moore tell ABC15 he was almost home when he was hit and that it's a shock to the entire community.

"Thankfully, the other neighbors were able to respond and catch the bad guy," said Fabela.

It's unclear what charges Moreno could face. This is an active investigation.