Viral Facebook post about teen targeted by attackers in north Valley was fake

Posted at 5:12 PM, Jun 15, 2017

A Facebook post describing a potentially terrifying scenario in the north Valley is going viral.

The post began appearing in several groups on Facebook on June 11 and has been sent to ABC15. It is a warning from a parent who says her daughter was targeted by some men who may have tried to flatten her tires using some type of spike strip in the far north Valley.

The posting goes on to describe how the female teen stopped at a gas station near 7th Street and the Carefree Highway. When the teen walked out, the post says the two men were by her car, acting suspiciously.

The teen used her keyless entry remote to chirp her car horn.

Shortly after, the post says the men left.

The teen flagged down police who purportedly found a “tack belt” under the tire. The post goes on to say the teen may have become a sitting duck if the car became disabled.

ABC15 has checked with Phoenix Police and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office about the post. Both agencies were unable to verify the post, adding there were no such incidents reported.

ABC15 has attempted to track down the originator of the post and has been unsuccessful.