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Valley store offering hemp products for humans and pets

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 18:35:07-05

Is therapeutic marijuana beneficial for your pets? One Valley company thinks so at least! 

Hempful Farms just opened its doors in north Phoenix near 19th Avenue and Bell Road. The retail store offers a variety of hemp health products for humans and pets.  

The store offers a long list of hemp products for dogs, cats and even horses. 

Owner Chris Martin said, “Any way you can get hemp oil in your body, we offer it.” 

First and foremost, no, pets aren’t smoking it or eating it whole. Your pet won’t be getting “high” or feel intoxicated anytime soon either because there is no THC involved.

However, giving pets hemp-based products can target specific health issues and improve overall wellness, Martin explained.

“It helps with lots of different things,” Martin said. “Anxiety, pain relief…even seizures.”

Customers don’t need a medical marijuana card to make purchases.

However, veterinarians are cautious of the new products, saying the products’ effects are unclear.

“Animals, while similar to people, are not exact,” said Sandy Moore, a registered veterinary technician for Carrington College. “K-9s can’t take Advil or Tylenol like we can. K-9s can’t have chocolate; I eat chocolate readily.”

Moore says more research needs to be done before she can recommend the product for furry patients.

“You don’t know the history of the animal,” Moore said. “Allergy, chemical, natural or otherwise, what it will do to an animal.”

Moore says instead of hemp-based products she’s recommending drug-free alternatives like acupuncture and cold laser therapy.

“I can see why people seek out anything they can to help the quality of life,” Moore said. “But in the opportunity to seek longevity of life, don’t jeopardize it by not knowing the history.”