#SonomaStrong: Valley t-shirt company X-Treme Apparel sending help to California fire victims

Local t-shirt company helping CA fire victims
Posted at 5:18 AM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 09:26:56-04

A Valley t-shirt company is raising money and donating unsold clothes to help wildfire victims in Northern California. 

"When we saw the devastation hit we knew we had to try and do something," said Mark Daus, President of X-Treme Apparel in north Phoenix. 

"[People] want to show their support so we're able to be kind of the conduit between people that want to help people in need," he told ABC15. 

The company prints "millions" of shirts a year for clients across the country. Last week, Daus' partner drove up 10,000 unsold shirts to pass out for free to fire victims in Sonoma County. In addition, 6,000 shirts were sent to the local Salvation Army. 

The company created a line of hats and shirts using the hashtags "SonomaStrong" and "SonomaCountyStrong". Both sell for $15 each on the company's website and money raised will go directly to help fire victims. 

A separate campaign is helping victims and families connected to the Las Vegas shooting. 
Daus said it's a simple way he can use the company's resources for good. 

"Every American still truly does care about their fellow man in time of crisis," he said.