'Photo Doggies for Anthony' still needed as Valley teen's cancer recovery continues

Posted at 10:06 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 09:27:01-05

Remember the Facebook page Photo Doggies for Anthony? 

18-year-old Anthony Lyons from north Phoenix was the inspiration behind the page. His mom created it as he battled leukemia, starting in 2014. 

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Almost three years after that diagnosis, and yet so many people are still posting lovable photos of their dogs to support Anthony! 

"Anthony is very stubborn."

Kristen Lyons can say that. After all, she is Anthony's mom and always at his side. 

But it's that stubborn streak that doesn't allow Anthony to give up in the face of adversity.

"I can always find a way to make myself smile about something," he explains. 

Even when there is not much to smile about.

In 2014, at just 15, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Needless to say, Anthony and his family needed plenty of support to help lift his spirits.

So his mom created the Facebook event page "Photo Doggies for Anthony."

"It's completely distracted us from what was going on, it was a horrible time in the hospital," explains Kristen.

At one point, more than 1.7 million people had signed onto the page. That support has coming in handy recently.

Anthony is losing weight rather rapidly. He spent much of Monday at PCH getting tests done to try and figure out what's happening. There's a possibility he made need to get a feeding tube. 

Anthony remains on oral chemotherapy drugs to try and keep his cancer at bay, but his mom says the disease is no longer detectable in his blood. Still, the road is long for Anthony and his family. We here at ABC15 are certainly wishing him the best and encourage people to keep sharing their pups with the hashtag #PhotoDoggiesForAnthony on social media sites.