Phoenix woman worried about family's health after apartment complex's A/C goes out

Posted at 5:23 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 21:58:30-04

The neglected and empty pool is the least of the worries of people living at Los Compadres Apartments at Dunlap and 35th Avenue.

"I almost took a pack of ribs out of the freezer, and put them on my stomach to get cold, I almost did that, but I did not," said Liticia Lister, who has no air conditioning or running water.

It is sweltering inside Lister's apartment. The thermostat on the wall doesn't register a temperature, it only goes up to 90 degrees.

Her husband is diabetic, and when he tested himself while ABC15 was visiting, it was over 300.

He needs cool air, it's critical for his health.

"Honestly, my biggest concern is my grandson, and my husband, because my grandson is only 5, and my husband, he's sick," said Lister.

The entire complex is suffering with the same issue. Some say the air went out around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Apartment staffers say they are working on the issue, apparently caused when a broken pipe servicing a chiller system broke. The chiller provides cool air for the entire complex.

"We responded within a 24-hour period," said maintenance supervisor Mike Yellman. "With all that happening, they brought me up from Tucson to get this done."

Yellman showed ABC15 the pipe, spilling water into a 4-foot-deep hole in the middle of the complex's parking lot.

ABC15 asked Yellman about the chiller system, that some people say, only works some of the time.

When asked why that might be, Yellman said, "I have no idea about that."

Repairs on the 40-year-old property are costly and will take time.

Even worse? While crews work to repair the chiller, water to the complex has had to be shut off, so residents are dealing with challenges on all sides.

Maintenance says the pipe needs to be replaced and then tested. Crews expected to have the air and water restored sometime Wednesday evening.

Online records show the property was sold for $2.4 million in 2013. Property staff tells ABC15 it's owned by a person living in Canada, but it is managed locally by "Step by Step Transitional Living Association" and "My 2nd Chance" rental.