Olin Coho update: Murder suspect says he killed Robert Prewitt over sleeping space

Posted at 9:21 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 01:37:36-04

A murder suspect admitted that he stabbed a man “in the heart” on Friday night because the victim aggressively tried to take over the suspect’s sleeping area.

Olin Coho, 38, said in a jailhouse interview Monday that he felt physically threatened by Robert Prewitt and so he stabbed the 36-year-old man.

Coho, who was homeless, had cardboard laid out and was ready to go to sleep in the area of 18th and Peoria avenues Friday evening, he said. He had been drinking and was ready to doze off.

Prewitt then approached and tried to move him out of the area, Coho said.

It’s important, when homeless, to stand one’s ground, Coho said. Prewitt would not relent after Coho warned him with the knife and continued pushing him, Coho said. Coho remembered Prewitt previously having a knife. Feeling threatened, Coho acted.

“No hesitation, just took out my knife [and] stabbed him right in the heart,” Coho said.

Police arrested Coho Saturday

Coho said that he’s been homeless for seven years; his life spiraled out of control after losing his five-month-old son to sudden infant death syndrome in 2006, he said.

“I’ve been dreaming over and over about [Friday night and] what I did,” Coho said, adding that he regrets killing Prewitt and apologizes to the victim’s family.

Coho, who is originally from the Navajo Nation, wanted his mother to know that he still loves her.