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New body camera footage, police reports give details into Phoenix officer involved shooting

Posted at 8:52 PM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-24 11:02:04-04

PHOENIX — Two weeks ago police said a man was acting erratically, throwing things at cars and businesses near 7th Street and Bell Road.

When officers responded, they said he had a river rock and was nearing an entrance to a Chili’s when the shooting happened.

“He came in kind of shouting,” said one 911 caller. “Then he threw a bottle and broke glass at our door.”

911 calls and body camera detail what was happening in the area before the shooting.

“He’s been wandering around The UPS Store,” said another 911 caller. “And now he just came out of there, but he’s being kind of violent.”

People telling police there was a man, identified in police reports as Yoser Campos-Gerardo, breaking windows at businesses and even one person’s apartment.

Body camera shows two officers arriving and trying to make contact with the man in a parking lot.

“Drop the rock,” said one officer. “I’m gonna tase him.”

One of the officers grabs a taser, but the man is too far away.

That officer ends up going back for a stun bag, but ultimately gets in his car when the man takes off running across Bell Road.

The other officer follows the man, running as well.

In new body cam footage, you can hear officers trying to get the man to drop what they call the “river rock.”

At least one is heard giving commands like, “drop the rock and get on the ground.”

But instead, the man runs toward a nearby Chili’s. That’s where police say he made a throwing motion with his arm and approached the door.

Throughout the footage you can hear the officer running after the man calling for an officer with a stun bag multiple times, including just seconds before the shooting.

“Don’t go in there,” the officer is heard yelling before firing his gun.

ABC15 learned, the man is still in the hospital and according to police reports was shot once in the leg.

Initial toxicology screening by the hospital indicated the man had methamphetamine and THC in his urine.

Today police denied our request for an interview saying the case involves active and ongoing prosecution.

We know the officer who fired is a 15-year veteran with the department.

In those same reports, it said the man made a throwing motion toward police earlier in the pursuit. That caused the officer, along with the man’s erratic behavior, to fear for the Chili’s customers' safety.

When the man is released, the report said he “will be charged with one count of aggravated assault on a police officer, two counts of criminal damage, with additional charges pending.”