Benefit helps veterans in need find a home

Posted at 5:29 AM, May 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-29 16:17:35-04

Assisted living may be within reach for lower-income military veterans and their spouses due to an often-overlooked VA benefit.

Veterans who served during wartime may qualify for additional pensions:

  • Up to $1,314 for Single Veteran
  • Up to $1,794 for Single Veteran with Aid & Attendance
  • Up to $2,126 for Married Veteran with Aid & Attendance
  • Up to $721 for Widow of Veteran
  • Up to $1,152 for Widow of Veteran with Aid & Attendance

"It's not an easy process, unfortunately, so there’s some handling that goes along the way to get them qualified and get them into the reimbursement," said Steve Jorgenson, President & CEO of Solterra, which operates assisted living homes in the Valley.

Bridgewater Deer Valley is among the first communities in the area catering to low-income – or homeless – military veterans.

"We can kind of come in with something like this to give back to create a positive environment for our vets," Jorgenson said.

Veterans earning $28,000 or less can qualify to live in the community. Bridgewater and other similar complexes offer amenities typically reserved for higher-cost, private-payer facilities.

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