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Motorcycle raffle for veterans raising money and suspicion

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-08 07:48:47-04

PHOENIX — If there's anyone Timothy Krawczyk feels a connection to, it's another guy with a beard.

"A bearded gentleman came out and said, 'Hey, you are my fellow bearded guys,' and he ran us a spiel about winning a Harley Davidson motorcycle for $10," Krawczyk said.

The white-haired guy approached Krawczyk's crew on Wednesday night at Bleacher's Bar and Grill in Ahwatukee selling $10 raffle tickets.

"We think it's a scam. We don't know if it is. I would like to win a motorcycle for $10, but we'll see," he said.

The ticket reads 'Win a 2019 Harley Davidson. Proceeds will benefit military families.'"

The non-profit they were told is called Spirit Riders.

"Our friend started looking it up, and she found out they are not in Arizona, they're in Mississippi and they have no one out here doing this," he said.

That group even posted a message at around this time last year warning that it is not raffling off a motorcycle in Arizona. Krawczyk is one of three people we talked to who bought one of the tickets.

"I think he got three or four people inside and I know he got six of us outside," he said.

The only similarly named group we can find is Summit Spirit Riders in Flagstaff. When reached by phone, the president of the group said this is not one of their fundraisers. Krawczyk hopes the bearded ticket guy comes forward.

"Let people know there's nothing to worry about. I hope for the best. Hopefully, one of my friends if not me wins this," Krawczyk said, laughing.

Under Arizona law, any group raising money for veterans is required to register with the Secretary of State. We searched both the Secretary of State's website and the Corporation Commission's website. No non-profit by the name Spirit Riders came up.