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Couple redefining cancer on 3,000-mile bike ride

Posted at 6:43 PM, Apr 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-06 21:43:39-04

PHOENIX — Chuck Keels is on the ride of his life. Now nine days into a cross country trip to redefine what it means to have cancer.

“The bike ride across the country is about the journey, is about what’s inside,” said Chuck.

We shared Chuck and Hannah Keels' story back in March as they prepared to travel from San Diego to St. Augustine Florida. Chuck on his bike, his loving wife Hannah tailing him close behind in an RV.

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“I went through stage four prostate cancer in 2015, Hannah’s journey with stage four breast cancer started a year after that and we’ve been through some of the toughest things that someone would ever have to face in their life,” said Chuck.

But in the face of it all, these two would choose life and not death. Happiness over sadness. Taking on a mission to inspire anyone who will listen.

“We have choices to either feel sorry for ourselves, stay at home, stay in a dark room, stay in a bed or we can get up and live,” said Chuck.

It’s a message they’re sharing every step of the nearly 3,000-mile trek.

“I think it’s been really special, all the people we’ve met so far just on campgrounds, in restaurants and on the side of a street, in the laundry mat, and just getting to share our story of hope has been really special,” said Hannah.

Two friends joined Chuck for the leg through Phoenix Wednesday.

Braving the Arizona heat while admiring the beauty of the moment.

“I don’t think you actually ride with Chuck; Chuck is such a magnet you just kind of glide along with him as he’s just bringing all this joy you know what I mean, it’s like a magic carpet ride with this guy,” said Eric Livingstone, a friend of the couple.

The group of riders cheered on by friends and followers as they rolled into the finish for the day at Tempe Marketplace. Sweat dripping down his face, Chuck quickly embraced by Hannah who remains in active treatment. It’s a journey now just getting started. One that will test the mind, body and most importantly the power of one's soul. A test this couple can’t wait to pass.