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Chaplain gives message to homeless community on Father's Day

Chaplain gives message to homeless community on Father's Day
Posted at 4:51 PM, Jun 20, 2021

PHOENIX — On this Father's Day, a local chaplain is reminding all fathers, including those in the homeless community, about the role they play in their child's life.

Chaplain Darwin Campbell knows many in Phoenix’s homeless community by name and every week, he welcomes them to worship at the Human Services campus.

“Our goal is to present to them the kind of life that everyone else has from the standpoint of knowing that they matter, that they’re important,” he said.

But Sunday’s message was focused on the fathers in the crowd.

“There are too many fatherless families out there,” Campbell said. “I’m one who grew up without a father and I know what that’s like because I lived it. So, my goal is to send a strong message to homeless fathers and fathers abroad of the importance for being there for your sons and your daughters.”

He says working on that relationship can help make the world a better place.

“Families are in disarray, crime rates are high, our nation is crumbling before our eyes because of selfish fathers who do not want to step up and take care of their sons and daughters and be that example,” Campbell said. “You can always make it right if you step up, you recognize, you acknowledge. You step up and just do the right thing.”