Women use baby to target Valley gyms, steal items

Posted at 9:55 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 06:47:07-05

Two woman have reportedly crossed a line at Crossfit gyms around the Valley and it's pretty low.

They’re using a baby as part of the distraction while they rip people off during their workouts.

Sam Montini, a trainer at Back Alley Crossfit in central Phoenix, says two women came into the gym and one started talking to him about a membership — casually drawing his attention to the center of the gym. He didn’t figure out until the duo left that the second woman who was holding a baby the entire time had been riffling through clients' bags and purses and stealing their cell phones.

"I was completely shocked and a bit disturbed by it," Montini said.

Jenna Blusiewicz’s phone was among those that came up missing.

"You panic, you feel violated, there’s a lot of personal information on my phone; pictures of my kids now gone," Blusiewicz said. "It really takes it to a whole new level when you're using a child to get away with something illegal, That you would risk their safety, for what?"

Montini has been in touch with at least four other Crossfit gyms in central Phoenix, including Sol Crossfit, whose owner caught the same thieves on camera.

However there's one thing the gyms all have in common: They don’t use traditional lockers. Instead, personal belongings are kept in bins, cubbies, on and under benches, which they are all rethinking and planning to at least relocate.

Both suspects are described as black women, mid-20s to 30s and average heights. The woman carrying the baby is heavier set between 160-180 lbs. 

Anyone with information about the incidents is urged to call Phoenix police.