VIDEO: Car travels through freeway lanes, crashing into 2 others

Posted at 10:18 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-23 07:54:23-04

Listen close, and you'll actually hear the screeching tires before the crunch.

The man who recorded the shocking video says the driver in a white car had been swerving for miles, and that's why he started rolling his camera. 

He agreed to share his experience if ABC15 would conceal his identity.

"I thought maybe he was just trying to cause some havoc on the highway like he's jus some kid or something, I think after further review, he was probably under intoxication, distracted, something."

The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed the crash happened on the westbound lanes of Loop 101 at 27th Avenue. They say the driver simply lost control. 

There were minor injuries reported; no one was taken to the hospital, but the witness says it could have been worse, because he barely stopped short of becoming a part of it.

"And luckily there was no car behind me to rear-end me."

He said it was a close close, and for now he's calling out that driver, and anyone else being careless, with a reminder: People are watching.

"It's going to go on social media, people are going to see it, so if you as a driver don't want your name to be out there like that don't do anything like that in the first place."

ABC15 has reached out to DPS to ask if that driver was cited for any crimes but has not heard back.