VIDEO: Arizona Archery Club hit by burglars for thousands in merchandise

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 11:32:43-04

As the surveillance camera’s rolled, two crooks took direct aim at Arizona Archery Club Tuesday night. 

“First thing they did is they jumped over the counter and went for the cash register,” said Owner Tony Cuchiara. 

Cuchiara says over nearly an hour the two men with their faces covered grabbed everything they could from the store near 19th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.  

“The majority of the bows were pulled off of the rack here where we keep them,” said Cuchiara. 

He says next they went after pricey camouflage vests and jackets. 

“They damaged the front door here, they actually walked in this way and kicked in Daniel's door to the tuning room,” said Cuchiara. “With everything they stole it's probably going to be around $25,000.”

Phoenix Police dusted for fingerprints but at this point Tony expects the merchandise to be quickly sold over state lines or even the border. 

“Sometimes these bows go straight down to Mexico and are sold to hunting outfitters down there,” said Cuchiara.  

While he says insurance should cover the loss, a few bows stolen actually belonged to his customers. A fact that's drawn most of his frustration. 

“It makes me more angry than anything,” said Cuchiara. 

If you have any tips on who the two people are in the video in the player above, you're asked to contact Phoenix Police.