Valley mom risks life to save son from robbers

Posted at 12:47 AM, Dec 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-19 02:47:28-05

A Valley mom is anxious to see a trio of robbers caught before they strike again after holding her at gunpoint in front of a bank.

Stephanie Coburn was in her car waiting for her son who was at an ATM at the chase bank at 19th Avenue and Van Buren.

She says she noticed movement in her side mirror and before she knew it, a man was at her window pressing his gun into her head and demanded her money.

"I got the money out of my purse and said ‘Here, here,’ and he kind of let up off of it and I thought they were gonna leave," Colburn said.

As soon as she handed over the cash she says another man, armed with a bat, headed for her son so she hit the gas, causing the car to jolt forward in an effort to distract them.

"I had to do whatever I could to get them away from him, that's my baby," she said.

Her maneuver worked to scare them off, but not before one of them shot at her car, the bullet going into the back door just behind her seat.

She wasn’t hurt and was able to get away with her son and call police but she is worried the robbers won’t stop.

“They need to go to jail. If they shot at me who knows what they're gonna do. Who says they're not going to hit somebody next time.”

There was a third man, who played lookout and was the only one wearing a bandana over his face.

She says it was not long after sunset and still very busy out.  

Colburn says all three were Hispanic and appeared to be in their 20's.

Police are now going over surveillance video and advise people do their banking during daylight hours and stay alert.