Valley gun sales skyrocket after terror attacks

Posted at 11:16 PM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-05 01:16:33-05

Following the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, gun sales and activity at shooting ranges has been surging in the Valley. 

"It's been really crazy for the past three days now," said General Manager at Mo Money Pawn Shop Byron Vaughn. 

Vaughn says concealed carry weapons are flying off the shelves, as people have told him, they do not want to be a target of a terror attack or mass shooting. 

"I had a gentleman tell me today, 'I'm not going to let that happen in my office,'" said Vaughn. 

Kenyetta E. says that's exactly why she's at the pawn shop. She's thought about buying a gun for quite some time, but the attacks in California made the need more urgent. 

"Wherever we choose to go, we should be able to go there, as Americans and not have to worry about them trying to steal our peace," said Kenyetta. "And that's when we have to stand up for ourselves."

This Black Friday was the best sales day on record for Mo Money. They are seeing double the sales compared to this time last year. 

Nationally, background checks have hit an all time high, more than two million last month. 

As a mom of two kids, Kenyetta says she'll do what it takes to keep them safe. 

"I think at this point, as Americans, we need to focus on protecting them, and what's to come in their future," said Kenyetta.

Mo Money says safety comes first. On Friday, they started a new deal, where any gun buyers get a free Concealed Carry Weapons class.