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Valley family mourning dog who died during grooming appointment

Posted at 7:25 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-14 10:56:22-05

A Valley family is left searching for answers after their dog died during a grooming appointment.

Amanda Wohland said she decided to use a mobile grooming service for the first time. The groomer showed up late and said she would need two hours with the pup.

After more than two hours had passed, Amanda and her two kids went to the van to check on the dog. 

"We all looked in, and we saw our dog hanging from the table," Amanda said. "He was hanging by the table, and you could tell he was dead."

The family frantically tried to open the door of the mobile grooming van, but it was locked. Amanda said she could see what appeared to be the outline of the groomer lying on the ground by the door.

Frantically, she called the owner of the Roaming Rovers mobile grooming service. With their help, the family was able to locate a door release switch and get the door open.

That is where they discovered the groomer on the ground. Phoenix police reports stated she had "blacked out."

"She was in a fetal position — like all crumpled up on the steps and then when she fell out of the van she was just still in that fetal position and was moaning and trying to get up, but she couldn't," said Amanda.

She described the inside of the van as being in disarray.

"Everywhere it looked like a tornado had hit the inside. Just brushes and everything was everywhere in there," said Amanda.

Her husband, Sean Wohland, arrived shortly after the initial discovery and described the scene as "surreal."

"Seeing the groomer, seeing the state she was in, it seems like I was in a movie it just wasn't real," Sean recalled. "I couldn't believe my eyes. She was so erratic in her nature. She couldn't sit still.  he was scratching herself saying she was in pain and she was numb at the same time."

Phoenix police are now investigating what happened inside that van, and what caused the groomer to "blackout."

ABC15 Arizona is not naming the groomer at this time as no charges have been filed against her. The owners of Roaming Rovers mobile grooming have released this statement tonight:

On behalf of Rovers, we once again wish to offer our deepest condolences to the Wohland family for the loss of their beloved Max. We regret at this time, that until the pending investigation is complete, we are unable to be interviewed. Once again, our hearts go out to Sean, Amanda, and their children. God bless.