Valley couple hauls in $944,000 from Las Vegas penny slot

LAS VEGAS, NV - The bright lights, the sounds, the chance to strike it rich -- it's hard for a lot of us to avoid the allure of the slot machines. A Valley couple gave into temptation, and they've got about $944,000 reasons to celebrate right now!

The couple won a whopping $944,337 on the Willy Wonka machine at Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas -- and this was just a penny slot!

That got us wondering - who gets to keep the winnings, let's say if you're playing with a friend, playing with a group, or playing with a significant other you're not married to.

We spoke to a Valley attorney who says the casino decides, so we took the question to Harrah's Arizona and they told us - whoever pushes the button or pulls that lever is the winner.

Playing with someone else's money? It doesn't matter, according to Harrah's.

And if there's ever a dispute, Harrah's and many other casinos have surveillance cameras anywhere, just in case proof is needed.

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