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Valley company creates flashing stop signs for crossing guards, school zones

Posted at 5:05 AM, Aug 02, 2018

While some students are heading back to class, hundreds of crossing guards are heading back to the curb. It is their job to keep kids safe in those school zones. 

But, one Valley company felt like those bright red paddle stop signs crossing guards carry were not allowing them to do everything they could to protect children.

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SureStop, LLC created a reflective, light-up sign for crossing guards.

Owner Brian Pitts said he can describe it like the flash of a camera: no matter what time of day and no matter where you are looking, the flash always grabs your attention. 

They want that same reaction when it comes to stop signs that alert drivers of children crossing the street. 

"It's just absolutely amazing how it gets the people's attention when their texting, you know - a lot of them looking down when they look up...BAM! All of a sudden they see this light," Pitts explained. "They know they better be paying attention because there's a human being at the bottom of that sign."

Pitts said that he has already had school districts in Phoenix, Peoria, Goodyear, Prescott and more make a decision to purchase those signs in large quantities. 

In fact, the city of Phoenix spent eight months conducting a study specifically with this new product. The study looked at eight different intersections and tested a variety of factors. 

For example, at 27th and Northern avenues, during the sunrise, the flashing sign could be seen from more than 800 feet away. 

Researchers used surveillance video and pictures to track drivers' response. 

In the end, the city found that drivers behave better when the reflective paddles were used. 

The owners hope that they can take this product nationwide as quickly as possible.