Teen who swarmed Phoenix home arrested, tied to Gilbert break-in

Posted at 9:36 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 17:06:13-04

At least two teens have been nabbed by police following a series of crimes that shook two Valley communities. 

“Everybody was on edge, it was a little concerning to see the guys jump the fence with guns drawn,” said Arcadia resident Basil Hill.

“You just never expect something like that in your own backyard,” said a frightened homeowner who didn't want to be identified.

Since May, a surveillance video has been the talk of a family-centric Arcadia neighborhood off of 42nd Street and Indian School Road.

“Everybody exchanged numbers, talked to each other, made sure everybody was ok, and then made sure we’d be vigilant,” Hill said.

In the video, five crooks carrying handguns jump over a backyard wall and kick in the rear door. 

They were scared off moments later by a home security system. 

“They’ve made two arrests, brings a little bit of piece of mind but still hoping for five arrests,” said the woman whose home was invaded. 

It turns out at least one of those suspects has been busy breaking the law in the East Valley too. 

In April, ABC15 showed video of a group of young men confronted by a homeowner. The suspects caught in the act of burglarizing his truck.

Investigators say two juveniles have been arrested in connection to the crimes. 

One charged with six burglaries and two vehicle thefts in Gilbert. 

An area which saw more thirty break-ins in April. 

"This has really weighed on our neighborhood," said one community member. 

But the events seem to have also brought neighbors together. 

“It’s brought a lot of us closer, and made us meet each other,” said one homeowner. 

Now they're putting future felons on notice.  

“Sure it makes us feel good to know that, one that those people are off the streets, and hope it sends a message to other people,” Hill said. 

Police are still on the lookout for at least two others connected to the home invasion in Arcadia; if you have any information, you're asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department.