Gilbert man catches truck thieves in the act, warns community

Posted at 10:33 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 13:19:12-04

Tim Evans is taking steps to warn his neighborhood after nearly becoming a victim of auto theft. 

“I caught four guys breaking into my truck at four in the morning over there in my driveway,” Evans said. 

Sadly, the message isn’t the first time they’re hearing it.

Over the last few weeks, more than 30 car break-ins have been reported in the subdivisions of Western Skies, Fincher Creek, Crossroads, and Gateway Ranch among others in Gilbert. 

“I popped the door open, and they heard it, and then when I stepped over here, they just scattered,” Evans explained, describing his encounter last Wednesday’s with the thieves. 

Around four in the morning Saturday, Evans said he was loading equipment into his truck for work when he went back inside his home. 

“I’m in here in the kitchen, and I get a notification all of a sudden on my phone, from the security system saying there’s motion at your cameras,” said Evans. 

Sure enough, two thieves were inside his truck rummaging for anything they could find. The video shows the moment Evans got the jump on them before they peel away. Unfortunately, not before stealing a pricey data recorder Evans uses for work worth about $13,000.

“You could see the acne marks on the one I was closest to, I mean they were young,” Evans said. 

And he says the theft that saw the thieves last week stealing car registration in the same area is getting old. 

“From the officer, he said they got about 40 calls from people just in these few neighborhoods by Williams Field and Higley alone,” said Evans. 

Evan’s making it clear; the attention is now focused on catching those involved. 

“It’s a lot bigger than people realize,” said Evans. 

Evans says he was able to obtain the vehicle's license plate number, but frustratingly, the getaway vehicle turned out to be stolen. 
If you have any information regarding the string of thefts, you’re asked to contact Gilbert Police.