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Teen rescues Phoenix man during house fire

Posted at 4:28 PM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 20:54:51-05

PHOENIX — Kyshaune Lindsay, 15, says he was outside when he saw his neighbor, Cindy Nunez, was in trouble.

"I saw her taking her kids outside to the front yelling," Lindsay said.

"He ran over here and he said, 'is everything ok?' And I said 'no, my house is on fire,'" Nunez said.

Nunez says an electrical problem caused the kitchen to catch fire at her home near 59th Avenue and Camelback Road. In the next room was her brother, Marcos Marquez, struggling to get in his wheel chair.

"Because my brother is bedridden, I can't physically pick him up," Nunez said.

"She said her brother was in the back room over there," Lindsay said. "So I ran in and was like, 'do you need anything?' And he was like, 'yeah my wheel chair.'"

"I tried to transfer but I guess because sudden movements I was getting spasms," Marquez said. "I tried a couple times, I couldn't do it. So he just told me, 'I'm going to pick you up' and I looked at him and was like, 'are you sure?' He was like, yeah I got you. I'll pick you up.' So he grabbed me from my legs, picked me up, put me in the wheel chair and took me right outside."

By the time firefighters arrived, Marquez was safely out of the home.

"He acted like a true hero," Marquez said.

Nunez posted a picture on social media of Marquez and Lindsay together, thanking the teen for his heroic deed.

"To hep me even though the house was completely covered in smoke and he could barely breathe, we could barely see in the house and he was not scared," Nunez said. "He just jumped into action to help me."

"I was happy to help out them, because they really needed the help," Lindsay said.

"I just want to thank him very much for everything he did," Marquez said. "I will forever be grateful because to be honest, I don't know if I would be here right now."