State wants 2nd expert in freeway shooting case

Posted at 5:02 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 19:42:47-05

There is a new, dramatic twist in the freeway shootings case. The defense is now accusing the state of sabotage, holding evidence hostage and planting seeds of doubt surrounding of the key investigators in the case.

New court filings by the defense team for Leslie Merritt, Jr., blasted the state for its handling of the case so far.

Attorney John Goodnow said the defense for Merritt Junior has a good argument that needs to be answered: why a judge should let the state have a second expert review the bullet evidence.

"Is there something defective with their expert’s testimony, something that would prevent them from getting a guilty verdict in this case,” Goodnow said.

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Goodnow said it’s an unusual move by the state. There are rules preventing investigators from using multiple experts, unless they have a really good reason. He said it’s leaving the defense in a prime position to poke even more holes in the case.

"The more seeds of doubt that defense lawyers can plant in the judge, the better they'll be as a move into the trial phase,” Goodnow said.

Leslie Merritt, Jr., is due back in court on Feb. 19.

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