Spring could be a great time to update your home

Posted at 6:32 AM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 14:41:00-04

For all of you longtime ABC15 viewers, you know that even we like to renovate and trade in the old desks for some new digs.

I'm going to guess the lighting in your home is a little more inviting than our state-of-the-art studio here at ABC15. But springtime is a time for you to think about how can you spruce up your own home.

What’s old is new again because, honestly, there aren’t that many new homes for sale compared with the number of people who are looking to upgrade.

So what can you do inside of your own four walls?

Your update could just be new paint. It might even be light fixtures or hardware. And then there are other, bigger 'get out your sledgehammer' kind of renovations.

Cathy Graham with Desert Schools told me that they’ve seen an uptick of customers trying to finance work on fixer-uppers -- homes they’ve just decided to hold onto for the long haul.              

“Twenty years ago there really weren't all of these shows on TV showing people what you can do with your home and helping people reimagine, 'now let's take down a wall or let's upgrade the cabinetry’.”

Kitchens, bathrooms and that curb appeal are always the top three places to invest your renovation dollars.

Conditions could be right if it’s the right time to refinance and tap some of that equity to make that home last.