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Sister of teenage girl killed in February Phoenix shooting asks for more information

Posted at 5:48 PM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-11 20:35:29-05

PHOENIX — It's been just over a month and police are still looking for the person who fired shots into a car, killing 17-year-old Kassandra Cisneros and wounding her 18-year-old coworker.

Cisneros' sister, Norma Alvarez, spoke at Phoenix Police Headquarters Friday, making a desperate plea to the public to come forward with any information about the shooter or what happened that night.

Alvarez was filled with emotion as she spoke about the bond with her sister that is now broken.

"She was my gum," Alvarez said through tears. "She was always sticking to me."

Alvarez reflected on the loss.

"It's something that's really hard to accept. It breaks my heart knowing that I don't have her anymore, that I don't get to hear her laugh, that I don't get to hear her yelling my name out across the room," she said.

The shooting took place on February 6 near 65th Avenue and Thomas Road.

At the time, Cisneros was sitting in a car with her male coworker who she had just picked up from work. The coworker was shot but survived.

There is still no word from police on who they believe was the intended target.

"We really don't know at the moment," Alvarez said. "I can't speak on his behalf, but I know it’s gonna be painful for him," she said.

"He was a young man as well and was in the situation with my sister. The last person that got to see my sister. The last person that got to see her alive. The last person that got the last words with her, so I can really relate to his pain at the moment," Alvarez continued.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Vincent Cole spoke about where the investigation currently stands.

"Our detectives are working tirelessly, closely with the family, as well as working all angles of this case, looking at every bit of evidence that they can," Cole said.

Meanwhile Alvarez said Kassandra was an angel of an auntie to her little daughter.

"Every morning I would be sleeping with my daughter and my sister would barge in my room and I'd say "She's sleeping" and my sister said "I'm gonna wake her up," she would wake her up" Alvarez said fondly.

She said Kassandra was spunky, spontaneous, always changing hair colors, and had so many goals and passions that would change at a moment's notice.

"Let me tell you something,..." Alvares started. "My sister was all over the place. She wanted to be a vet at some point, she wanted to be a doctor at some point, she wanted to be a nurse, her goals changed over time," she said.

"She didn't even make it to her 18th birthday," Alvarez said, fighting back tears. "She didn't make it to her graduation. Somebody that had a bright future ahead of her was taken overnight," she said.

"If you drove by that night, or saw anything in that area, or heard anything, please let us know, let the detectives know, because we really want justice for my sister. She deserves it," she said.

As for the shooter, Alvarez said, "My question towards you is... How do you sleep?"

Anyone with information on the shooter's whereabouts or what happened that night is urged to call Phoenix police or Silent Witness at (480)-WITNESS.