WATCH: Merritt lawyer talks dismissal of charges

Posted at 1:11 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 22:57:35-04

An attorney for the accused Interstate 10 shooter says his client "wants nothing more than the truth to come out."

Jason Lamm spoke with ABC15 on Tuesday, following the dismissal of charges against Leslie Merritt, Jr.

"There was no evidence, really, to support the charge from the beginning in our opinion," Lamm said of the case against his client. 

Watch raw video of our full interview in the player above. 

The defense team has also filed a new motion to unseal additional Department of Public Safety documents that were kept from the public as the agency investigated. 

As of Tuesday, Merritt is no longer being tracked by the state, following the removal of his ankle monitoring device.

Merritt was arrested in August and indicted on 15 felony counts in connection with several of the 11 confirmed shootings which happened on Valley freeways last year. DPS officials said they had ballistic evidence tying him to four shooting incidents on Interstate 10 which happened between August 27 and 29.

Merritt entered a plea of not guilty, and his lawyers have challenged the strength of the state's evidence against him, pointing out officials altered the timeline of when they occurred, and accused DPS of lying to witnesses and withholding evidence .